Data Security


      Security not only includes documents and/or records but our personnel as well. Records entering or leaving   the facility need management approval.

      Infoserve Technologies Corporation has procedures that are in place throughout the processing phase to assure   that all work is completed. All documentation is tracked and accounted for. As documentation is received at our   processing center, it is logged in, assigned a production number, counted, and assigned batch numbers prior to   being processed. This provides us with the ability to track, identify, & verify the production process.

      It is important to Infoserve Technologies Corporation to have a two level three (3) times daily backup. All   data is backed up three times per day at the facility, first to a backup server, second to a tape cartridge and   stored in a secure location under management control.

      We maintain the most stringent standards of data and document security. All database application software   files are backed up off-site. Fire walls are in place for the safe and secure transfer of data-both from clients   to us and between our locations. Data can be encrypted prior to transmission.

      Our facility is designed to comply with the special requirements of clients who require the highest level of   security. Institutions can transmit data on dedicated T- 1 lines. Infoserve Technologies Corporation employees   have gone through security and background checks in insure confidentiality. All employees must sign employment   agreements which include: Confidentiality of information, Consent to conduct background investigation, Covenant   not to solicit, Acknowledgment of the drug free workplace and Agreement to submit to drug testing as company   policy dictates.

      Over the past 5 years Infoserve Technologies Corporation has established itself as the leader in quality   through its Total Quality Management (TQM). Our commitment to quality is seen in every facet of the services.   Our TQM initiative has cultivated strong focus on consistent quality and delivery. We focus to identify and   resolve the root cause of any problem allowing the customer to share increased accuracy rates and cost benefits.

      Infoserve Technologies Corporation's TQM, cutting edge technology and process re-engineering initiatives   provides our customers with the highest quality and service, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage in   their respective industries.
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