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Total Solution Providers:  ITC Providing you with efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions to meet all your IT needs is our goal. We provide experienced and professional consultants on the cutting edge of today's IT field.  ITC gives you solutions that enable you to capitalize on e-commerce and optimize your Web site. ITC. also designs and fine tunes high-performance databases.

              ITC trains your company's IT staff. ITC's consulting and software development services, comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) / SAP services, ASP (Internet), and customized corporate IT training make the company a true, one-stop Information Technology solutions provider. By outsourcing your IT requirements to ITC., you can reduce and control operating costs with prices that will earn you some decent savings. Get your solutions developed and implemented in a fraction of the time with ITC's rapid application development strategies.   With ITC, your company can focus on its core competencies.

Gain As Computer related service, we specified at: * Netw/ork Configuration & Hard Drive Recovery * Network Wiring, remove and new network Installation * Laptop & PC Computer Repair * POS Retailer systems and solutions, * Software Upgrades & Virus/Spyware Removal * Web Design & e-Commerce sollutions * Data Protection & data Recovery, Backup * Training & Tutoring. 

Solutions from a single source:
ITC's consulting services can help your business maximize the benefits of today's advanced technologies. Our consultants work with you to: analyze and address your IT needs, design and implement any applications software, fine-tune and maintain your network databases, develop and execute your Internet Development strategies

Corporate I.T Training:

ITC offers training to allow users to become proficient with a range of software programs. The three training options we offer are: Customized Corporate Software, Standard Certification, and Regular Software Tracks. A requirements analysis ensures that courses meet specific user needs. Training includes users' real-time data so users return to work fully prepared to perform their functions. Bottom line, users are ready to apply the software-as soon as it is implemented.

Our Mission:
ITC's mission is to empower organizations by working with them to meet their IT needs efficiently and cost-effectively. To this end, ITC will work harmoniously with clients to diligently match their technical requirements with the right staff and services.

Our Short Term Goal:
ITC's goal is to become one of the top leaders in the IT solutions industry by maintaining a 200% AGR and living up to its reputation as the only "One Stop IT-Solutions" company that pledges complete client satisfaction, and has enough heart to keep that promise.        

Customer satisfaction is our first priority.  If your business is on a limited budget, or are looking for quality services, systems, and highly trained support engineers, then call us.  ITC is committed to provide you with quality solutions and excellent work.

Our clients include:




  • Agriculture Bank of China
  • Bank Central Asia
  • Citibank 
  • Chinese American Bank
  • China Trust Bank
  • Chia-Tong Bank
  • Taipei Bank
  • Merrill Lynch 
  • Prudential Insurance
  • AIG
  • New York Life
  • Metro Life

Government (Federal)

Government (State, City)

  • Department of Commerce 
  • Department of Trading 
  • Department of Defense 
  • US AIR Force  
  • USA Dept. of the Navy 
  • New York state Dept. of Transportation
  • NYC Dept. of business Services
  • NYC dept. of Health
  • NYC Dept. of Probation, Planning and Control
  • NYC Police Dept.
  • NYC Dept. of Investigation
  • NYC Dept. of Human Resources
  • NYC Dept. of Finance


Education / Institution

  • New York Hospital 
  • Brooklyn Hospital 
  • Booth Memorial Hospital 
  • Beth Israel Hospital
  • St. John's University 
  • Columbia University 
  • New York University 
  • Canterbury Training Schools
  • SUNY Institute of Technology


Law Firms

  • Sealed Air Corporation 
  • Westinghouse 
  • Metro Seliger Printing
  • Great American Dessert
  • Weitz & Luxemberg Law 
  • Dechert Price Rhoads 
  • 3 chains of Penang, Malaysian Restaurant in MI and IL
  • Best Western Hotel
  • Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse in SC
  • 4 Panda Hut, Panda Hut Restaurant,WI
  • Bamboo China , 3 chain restaurant,NJ
  • 6 chains of Tokyo Bowl and Drill in CO,
  • 3 chains of Tokyo Lobby in CA,
  • 8 Chains of Tea Pot Diner in NY, NJ, CT
  • 5 chains of Sogo Café in TX, OK, AL

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