Hotel Management (PMS)

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1. Reservations
2. Group Reservations
3. Group Billing/Charge Routing
4. Availability
5. Forecasting
6. Guest Accounting
7. City Ledger
8. Suite Handling
9. Travel Agency Accounting
10. Housekeeping
11. Hotel Operator
12. Mailing List
13. Correspondence
14. Complete Reporting
15. Guest History & CRM


Real time reservation system / Advance booking for checking availability, and performing reservation. The module can record information about the customer for reservation and handle deposits, special requests or instructions, and avoid over booking.

Group Reservations

Group reservation module for reserving multiple rooms at a time. Ideal for corporate staying, seminar attendees, tour groups and other multiple stays. This reservation system integrates with group billing and accounting ledgers, special corporate packages are available.

Group Billing/Charge Routing

Special arrangement for directing specific charges to either master folio or individual folio with in the same group. Completely configurable billing module with accounting integration. Ideal for billing group staying, catering for various different types of billing. Additionally, charge routing provides a state of the art routing billing resource and solution.


A quick overview of the total reservations on the book, reflecting available rooms in a user-friendly graphical format. An excellent approach to see the current book status for walk in guests and to use with reservation module. An powerful tool for front desk professionals.


A look into the future, specifying the projected revenue based on the current book status. The forecasting is a powerful business management and accounting feature. Typically used by management staff to plan business strategies related to the forecast report.

Guest Accounting

Front office accounting for keeping track of guest Check In / Check out. Probably the most frequently used back office / accounting feature.

City Ledger

Guest Ledger handling, a complete maintenance-free module to keep track of payments charged on to credit cards and ACH processing. The city ledger holds all the details of the transaction along with the balance status. Additionally, it has Night Audit. Daily revenue accounting function, providing end-of-the-day report for daily revenue and expenditures. Options for performing night auditing on a consolidated daily income revenue of the hotel's various revenue centers.

Suite Handling

Special Room Suite Handling feature. Ideal for handling suites, special rooms, rooms with value added services. VIP guest accommodation, member's special, and various customizable vacation / seasonal packages.

Travel Agency Accounting

Travel agent commission management Accounting. Includes various business relationship management options with customizable commissions, quotas and incentives.


Provide state of the art room status management and maid schedule monitoring. Ideal for housekeeping managers to get a real time clear picture of the on going activities on each floor.

Hotel Operator

PBX, voice mail management, and call accounting. This module is used for providing hospitality to the guests in the true sense. Not only does it provide them with prompt notification of their messages, but also includes a flag for specifying different accounts for special privileges.

Mailing List

Ability to generate mailing list from existing customer database. An excellent marketing approach to generate loyal customers and recurring business. Comes with an option for label printing.


An excellent coordination tool for the management team and the whole hotel personnel. This feature can also include guest communication. This paperless communication method is ideal for communicating about any issue as trivial as additional supplies needed in the suite to booking a suite at another remote location at a later date.

Complete Reporting

A comprehensive reporting feature covering any business / financial aspect of the whole operation. e.g.,
Arrival List
Room availability Report,
V I P List,
Housekeeping Report,
In-house Guest List etc.

Guest History & CRM (Customer Relations Management)

A complete guest history & CRM system. The system includes comprehensive database feature for recording significant information about all the guests. This information stays saved in the database for an infinite amount of time. The CRM also includes integrated features with special promotions / packages from the suite handling.