Hotel Management (PMS)

1. PMS / POS interface
      System, Landmark, CLS Hotel System
2. Disaster recovery
3. Security surveillance system
4. Upgrade & migrate assistance
5 . Peripheral install and troubleshooting
6 . Bilingual support

Disaster recovery

Comprehensive disaster recovery service including:
  • Creating a disaster recover plan.
  • Contingency checks
  • BIA Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Creating timely backups and provide complete system restoration
  • Disaster recovery maintenance.

Upgrade & migrate assistance

Complete system upgrade and data migration assistance.

Service and Support:

  • Efficient and professional certified service and support engineers.
  • After hour support available.
  • Immediate response service available.
  • Technical support for hotel management systems.

Peripheral install and troubleshooting

  • Network installation
  • Peripheral installation
  • Hardware & Software troubleshooting
  • Print Server installation and printer troubleshooting.

Bilingual support

Professional consulting done in English / Mandarin / Cantonese