Yes! We are best partner with SBT accounting system! 

Imagine a full range of Windows-based accounting software products, ranging from small business applications to enterprise-level client/server systems, all developed in industry-standard tools and all available from one source. Now picture the same products being ready to install and use right out of the box. products that are fully customizable down to their very foundation-the source code-to meet the unique needs of your company. These signature features define SBT Accounting Systems scaleable family of products. Vision Point 2000, Pro Series and Executive Series deliver this essential foundation, putting you in control of your business, and allowing you to up-grade your system as your company grows.  

As the long-term partner with SBT, ITC provides customized solution to meet the different needs of our customers. Our experienced solution teams engineers are able to modify the original source code to create your own business reports, which not only provide you more than accounting accuracy but also help you check the whole business climate.  

Call 1-718-326-8888, ask for Steve and let's help you get the complete business information you need. 

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