Pro Series 5.0 let you have real information, real time, any time. 

With the Pro Series Business Status Report&trade, you can check vital company measurements in real time. It's like a thermometer for your business.  Check your AR balance, AP balance, month-to-date sales and cost of goods even see projected totals for the month (or any other period). Pro Series also provides browsers that give you unlimited data access the way you want to see it. Display any information, in any order, customized for any user. You assign the permissions and security codes, so you're in full control.  

Also, you'll find exciting new features modern businesses need. SBT routinely collects the latest "wishlist" items from customers and consultants, then builds these features into new product upgrades. In addition to the thousands of features users already appreciate, Pro series 5.0i adds:  

  • Object Oriented Technology and 32-bit Architecture 
  • Complete support for Windows Printing 
  • Advanced Windows Help with On-line Documentation 
  • Improved spreadsheet formatting using MS Excel as an OLE
  • Automation Server 
  • Optional Large Fonts 
  • Cost at Location 
  • Serialized Inventory 
  • Advanced Approve to Pay 
  • More options for 1099s 
  • Flexible Commission Calculation 
  • As of Aging for AP/AR 
  • Expanded User Privileges/setup 
  • Partial Drop Shipments 
  • Powerful New Browsers 
  • New Pricing Options 
  • Calendar selection for dates 
  • Payment Terms of Choice 
  • Export using OLE in Pro 5.0 
  • Multi-currency transaction processing 
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