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     ITC offers a variety of on-line products to meet your business needs. Whether you are looking for professional hosting services, or a top quality Web site, you came to the right place.

     The Internet is the world's largest database with thousands of new sites added every day, our globe becomes smaller and smaller since we have known the internet.
With unlimited choices available for users, how can you possibly differentiate your Web site from the competition?

     ITC delivers a full range of Web Marketing services - from developing and implementing an online marketing strategy to evaluating and tracking results - all focused on making sure that your Web site stands out from the crowd.

     Whether your web site is under development or up-and-running, ITC has solution packages that will ensure your site not only gets the attention it deserves but also meets your e-business objectives and delivers maximum impact and results, ITC offers solutions for those organizations looking for basic Site Launch or Ongoing Response services.

Where do you begin?
      Internet Marketing Strategy Development:  ITC can develop a customized strategy designed to attract targeted visitors to your site, generate qualified leads and increase your customer base. We perform a marketing audit to determine where you stand now, recommend action for the future, and assist in the implementing and evaluating processes.

How do you increase targeted traffic to your Web site?
      Advertising Management:  ITC coordinates online advertising promotions - from planning the concept, to buying the placement, to execution, tracking and reporting results. We have a unique, proven tracking methodology that enables us to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign, and helps you determine the strategies that provide the most impact and return for your investment. We can also work closely with your marketing department or advertising agency to integrate online promotions with offline marketing activities.

How can you increase your site's link popularity?
     Strategic Link Placement:  ITC will identify and evaluate relevant Web sites for listing your company's products or services, including additional search engines and directories appropriate for your industries and target markets. Many search engines consider the number of links to a site when determining ranking, meaning the more pointers to your site, the better your chances of achieving high search engine positioning.

How can you improve your site's positions on search engines?
     Search Engine Placement and Optimization:  ITC can determine your most important keyword phrases and then make recommendations to optimize positioning for your site across the major search services. We can also provide monthly monitoring with our solution to pinpoint trouble spots and deliver recommendations for improvement.

How can you maximize site traffic?
     Site Usage Reporting & Analysis:  ITC begins by running a benchmark Site Usage Report to determine where users are going on your site, how they are getting there, and who they are. The level of detail in these reports can be overwhelming, so we deliver an Executive Summary Analysis of this information to help you better understand the business implications behind the numbers. Our solution includes a monthly analysis that informs you of visitor traffic trends over time, as well as quarterly or biannual reports.

What are your competitors doing online?
     Research:  ITC can conduct an analysis of the Best Practices for Web sites in your industry. We can also monitor news and discussion groups in your industry for individuals that are looking for or talking about your specific products or services, so that you can respond in a timely manner.

Why Choose ITC?

     The difference between ITC and other companies that offer Web site promotion is that we provide the full range of Internet marketing solutions - customized to drive users to your specific site. While in some cases the solution may be to simply submit your Web site to search engines, we will hand-submit your site in order to ensure indexing and focus on the obtaining high-ranking positions across the major search services that are most likely to drive users to your site. It is only one piece of a complete Internet marketing strategy.

     Whether your solution requires an integrated approach or a specific service, ITC can do it all.  

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E- Commerce Division Solutions

     The E-Commerce division is dedicated to the design and implementation of Web-Based Storefronts, Catalogs, shopping carts, secure credit card processing, and electronic marketing.

     Clients benefit from a multi-disciplined approach that integrates sound web design principals, database integration, multi-platform networking and design strategies customized to our client’s needs.

     The Division can build a site from scratch, or enhance an existing site using state of the art web-based marketing and design techniques. We can  provide a customized integrated solution including, but not limited to, any combination of the following services:


     Let us put your catalog on the internet. We take care of everything: design, set-up, scanning, payment processing, and training.


      Have your inventory displayed attractively, placed into a shopping cart, and paid for by credit card.


     Add reach to your site- Let us design your page's "META tags," so you can be easily found by hundreds of search engines. We will also create a Logo/Banner for you and put it on thousands of sites in a cooperative ‘link exchange program."


    We encourage our clients to ‘look over our shoulder’ as we create their sites. This enables them to provide instant feedback in the design process and teaches them how to maintain their site in the future.

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