• Thai Angel Cusine, NY
  • Il Campanellio, NY
  • Wasabi Japanese Restaurant, PA
  • Paul’s Bayon Blue, AL
  • Alpenrose Restaurant, CO
  • Fiesta Mexican Grill, MA
  • Fuji Steak & Sushi Restaurant, NJ
  • Bento Café, FL
  • Backyard Garden, Canada
  • Bamboo Garden, New Orleand, LA
  • Potstickers, Newark, DE
  • Dintaifung, Shanghai, CN
  • Tokyo Bowl and Drill, 6 chains in CO
  • Tokyo Lobby, 3 chains in CA
  • Tea Pot Diner, 8 Chains in NY, NJ, CT
  • Sogo Café, 5 chains in TX, OK, AL
  • Penang, Malaysian Restaurant, 3 chains in MI and IL
  • Panda Hut Restaurant, 4 Panda Hut in WI
  • Bamboo China , 3 chain restaurant in NJ
  • Asian Bowl, 5 chain restaurant in CO
  • BBQ Internationa, 2 chain restaurant, CA
  • China Buffet, 6 chain restaurant, WV, VA, GA

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Our Customers....

Jimmy Sung Restaurant, NY
...The beautiful décor and unique ambience of this Midtown Manhattan restaurant is second to none. Jimmy Sung's offers seven private rooms accommodating anywhere from eight to two hundred and fifty people and is perfect for business event, birthday, and wedding receptions...

Simply Thai, WA
...Thai cuisine blends Chinese, Indian and Arabic influences into something uniquely Thai. It is light, fresh and traditionally seasoned with chili, peppers, and aromatic herds. ...

Dintaifung, Shanghai, CN

A superb image entitled Xiaolongbao or Pork Dumpling Wrapping at Dintaifung Taipei Taiwan.
Dintaifung is deservedly popular for Shanghai-style treats made fresh to order. ...

May Flowers, PA
...May Flowers Asian Buffet & Restaurant is the best place to enjoy a variety of Asian cuisine. We serve the finest in Chinese and Japanese cuisine and take pride in serving it hot and fresh...

Cassia, WN
...I love this place because they have the best Korean style spicy squid dish I usually can’t help but order the same thing ever time I’m there.

Thai Angel Cusine, NY
...We found the food as good as in our favorite Tai restaurants, but we also found it a little pricier than Thai restaurants with comparable good cuisine. ...

Marco Polo, PA
...Marco Polo, the Italian explorer, went to Asia and brought back Chinese cuisine. Chef Lo, who runs the restaurant, is a Chinese-born chef who traveled West to cook Italian cuisine...

Wings &Things, TX
...Wings & Things restaurants offer a pleasant atmosphere combined with food that no other restaurant can compete with! ...

China Construction Lands Group
A company run on a joint stock system, mainly active in the fields of investment, real estate development, construction engineering, engineering consultancy and technological development.

Taiwan Architects Association

Koi Palace, NY

Walk into Koi Palace in Daly City, and it's obvious what to order... ...The extensive menu features more than 40 seafood dishes, including seven crab and five lobster entrees.

House of Wong, MO

At House of Wong, Each Order is prepared fresh, after you place your order, especially for You!
“The Best Asian Restaurant that Most Magazine Readers Vote For.” Try Us, You’ll Like Us! Please Tell Others!

Il Campanellio, NY

Ciao and welcome to IL Campanello where you can enjoy a casual dinner in a warm, festive atmosphere. Discover a variety of fresh, handmade Italian dishes cooked to order in our lively exhibition kitchen.

Alpenrose Restaurant, CO

Alpenrose is a traditional, family-owned and operated Italian restaurant, everything is made to order with the finest ingredients from recipes that have been passed down from one generation to another, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

LA Gata Golosa Bakery, NY

A charming restaurant in a small Spanish village in the New York City. Excellent food, innovative cuisine, outstanding winelist. We recommend the "menu de desgustación" which is made up of 8 or 9 small tastes of some of the most exquisite dishes you are ever likely to try in Spain. Chef and owner Manuel de la Osa creates unique dishes using traditional local ingredients (manchego cheese, garlic, manchego gazpacho....).

Wasabi Japanese Restaurant, PA

The Wasabi is a unique Japanese room. There are tatami sheets; an alcove where wall scrolls or flowers are decorated. There you have a true, traditional space of “wa.” Enjoying Japanese food in a Wasabi setting. You might want to try a different atmosphere once in a while.

Thai Angel Kitchen, NY

Thai Angel Kitchen is in most great Thai places to find Palms Thai's actual specialties. Non-Thai customers are routinely brought a roster of familiar cooking of suburban Thai restaurants--or you can request a second menu, which includes most of Thai Angel Kitchen best main dishes, fiery salads and elaborate soups. Try the red curry of wild boar, quite hot but tempered with coconut milk and flavored with lime leaves and unripe green peppercorns still on branch.

Bento Café, FL

Filled with velvet drapes, eye-catching chandeliers, custom woodwork and cushy banquettes, our downtown Bento Café is abuzz with high-energy décor combined with plush comfort. On any given night, expect to see Sazerac filled with locals who come to enjoy the sounds of rhythm and blues music, admire the sights of the goings-on in the elevated open kitchen, and revel in the tastes of Southern favorites and fresh Northwest seafood.

A Taste of Asia, NJ

Discover exotic Asian-style recipe ideas, cultural celebrations and traditions, and exciting promotions that make it easy to stir up a world of flavor. From Zodiac recipes to cooking techniques to special offers, “A Taste of Asia” is your best choice.

August Moon, KY

We are located in a Dry area. To provide our customers convenient and pleasure while dinning with us, you can apply a unicard membership in the store. Dinning with us is always pleasureable and enjoyable.
Welcome to reserve our party rooms for your events. To reserve our party rooms is simple and easy; simply call and talks to our manager in charge. Please Check back with us for the new party room.

Paul’s Bayon Blue, AL

From tapas to more traditional Spanish food, the best Spanish restaurants in London offer authentic Spanish cuisine in the heart of the Big Smoke. Our pick of the best Spanish restaurants includes both formal dining and intimate venues where impromtu salsa dancing isn't out of place.

Baumgart’s Café, NJ

A truly special restaurant. Nothing in Englewood City compares to The American. The food is wonderful and the menu is carefully designed. Our waitress was genuine and took care of our every need, including making us fit in and feel welcome within the extremely professional environment

Butterfly Grill, NY

A very beautiful dining room, fanciful but not delicious food that needed to taste like itself, stiff, ackward, hit and miss service and very expensive. poor value overall.

Cathay 22, NJ

Artistry and skillful ingenuity have enabled the wang family to bring to fruition its dream of creating authentic, savory Sichuan cuisine for discerning diners near and far.

Great Shanghai , OH

Shanghai, with its sister restaurant Ginza Sushi, is located on the second level of Hazard Center in Mission Valley. It has a contemporary upscale look and the same quality cuisine served at the original Shanghai at 54th Street and Marina Village since 1974.

Cotton Patch Country Club, AR

A tantalizing array of local favourites awaits you at Cotton Patch Country Club. Dine from marble-top tables and wooden chairs as reminiscent in those good old days of the 60s. Delight in our all-time favourite Roti Prata, Laksa, Wanton noodles and more.

El Carbanazo, NY

Es de conocimiento de todo el mundo que la cocina peruana es una de las mejores en el mundo no solo por su exquisita y delicioso sabor, sino por la variedad y habilidad de incorporar la influencia de los diferentes tiempos y culturas.

Fiesta Mexican Grill, MA

Occupying the old Zamora-Chavez family home. this restaurant’s huge windows offer an exceptional view of the Plaza. Begin with a Nachos de Fajita appetizer or chile con queso.

Fuji Steak & Sushi Restaurant, NJ

If you are looking for high quality Japanese food that is true to the Japanese style, then Torimatsu is the place for you. One of the biggest endorsements for this restaurant is the large number of Japanese who regularly dine there.

Holy Basil Thai, NY

Thai cuisine is considered among the world's most delicious, with a unique blend of particular tastes: hot (spicy), sour (piquant), sweet, and always highlighted with citrus (lemongrass and lime).

Kirin Japanese

Established for around ten years, this business has many regular satisfied customers. This is not fast food, so be prepared to wait. All the sushi is made on the premises and normally while you wait.

Backyard Garden Restaurant

The restaurant features no-nonsense seasonal cuisine in a casual and elegant atmosphere, including a flower garden (for dining al fresco), terrace and a wood burning stove.


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