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MasterChef system features:

• Peer-to Peer networking for lower setup operation costs
• Complete software documentation included on CD-ROM
• Simplified system setup
• Software upgrades easy to install-lower software maintenance costs
• Pos for Bar, Delivery, Catering, Drive-thru, Fast-Food, Retail, Take-Out and Table Services
• Standard POS order entry screens uses Text buttons, allowing faster processing
• Easy touch screen navigation-mouse and keyboard compatible
• Multilevel employee security
• Time Clock features:
     o Clock-in, Clock-out, Correction
     o Requires employee to clock-in before clock-in times
     o Labor Schedule: Prevent unscheduled clock-in times
• User-defined seating, menu types, menu items, modifiers, side$, topping$
• Visual Table Seating screen
• Custom menu items on-the-fly
• Menu items can print on 1-6 prep remote printers in kitchen, bar, etc.
• Can print to 3 prep points at same time (food station, beverage station, expediter station)
• Modifiers by menu category (50 buttons show for 5 sub-categories: mods, add, no, extra, subst., custom modifiers on-the-fly.)
• Side items by menu category, 50 buttons show (item and price, example: add sml salad $1.99), custom add-ons on-the-fly.
• Customizable background colors for menu, modifiers, side$, topping$ buttons
• Multi-level Pricing (7-levels, by day, time, profit center), Available mid-2006
• Support for printer-driven or serial-port Cash Drawers
• Support for Customer Pole Displays
• Support for handheld Barcode Scanners
• Sales Tax override at menu item level
• Manager screen options:
     o Check Void
     o View Register Totals (at any POS station)
     o Create Custom Message
     o Seat Transfer Inquiry
     o End-of-Day Processing (day-week-month)
• Table Seating screen options:
     o Reset Seat (skips, left before order entered)
     o Transfer Seating (from table to table, from server to server)
     o To-Go (When POS Station is setup for table service)
     o Hostess (for table seating, reservations, etc.)
     o Cashier (payment screen for central cashiering)
     o A/R Pay (shows only customers with A/R balance due amt)
     o Nosale (will open drawer based on employee’s security level)
     o Tclock (clock-in/clock out)
     o SrvTotls (shows employee sales and amt due, when using server banking)
     o UnPaid (shows unpaid checks for this POS station)
     o REPrint (reprint guest check or prep tickets for kitchen/bar)
     o Goto (switch over to another sales type, (example: from dine-in to delivery)
     o ChkOptions (Show server check options screen)
• Server Check Options screen:
     o Add Items
     o Delete Items
     o Transfer Items
     o Food Taken to Table (Dine-in wanting to see service times, no bump screen)
     o Fire to Kitchen (prints ticket to FIRE the order)
     o Change Guest Count
     o Change Person No
     o Split Check (by couple, by person, by item)
     o Print Guest Check
     o Payment (show only server’s open tickets)
• Order Entry options:
     o SKU button (allow server to enter a menu by its item#, do alpha menu search)
     o Qty (change selected items)
     o Menu (change to new menu type, example: from BREAKFAST to LUNCH)
     o Custom (enter menu description and price on-the-fly)
     o Delete (delete selected items)
     o Clear (resets the entire order)
     o Modifiers (show modifiers for item)
     o Side$ (show add-on items)
     o Topping$ (show pizza topping for item)
     o Charges (create additional charges, example:setup charge, delivery charge)
     o Discounts (select existing discounts (% or amt), or create “custom” discount)
          PersonNo (enter person number)
     o Taxable (Bar, make an item “taxable”)
     o Transfer (allow transfer from table to table, from server to server)
     o Fast-Food, Retail, etc:
               • TClock
               • Repprint
               • SrvTotls
               • GoTo
               • Un-Paid
• Order Done options:
     o Bar: BarTab, Pay, FastPay, FastPayR, Cash, PayNow, NoSAle, A/R Pay
     o Dine-in: Enter Guest Count, Send, SndFire, SndFireCk, Paynow
     o Fast Food/Retail: Send, Pay, $5, $10, $20, $50, PayNow, NoSale, A/R Pay
     o Catering/Delivery POS options for: Exit, Send, Pay, Paynow, NoSale, A/R Pay
• Credit Card Processing Software
     o Interface to PC-Charge payment server software
     o 2-3 second credit card processing if using IP address via Internet, or use standard dial-up modern
• Gift Card Software (X-Charge only)
• Delivery and Catering Orders:
     o Uses customer telephone number to retrieve customer delivery info
     o Ability to show and use last order
     o Caller-ID
     o Map-Maker
• Fast Food options:
     o Ability to enter customer “ Name” when pressing the Send button (telephone orders)
     o Drive-Thru Support: ability to take multiple orders as cars are moving to pick-up window
• Guest Checks
     o Ability to adding custom messages at bottom
• In- House Charge Accounts
     o Allows “credit account” set up
     o Provides easy “A/R Statements” for mailing or emailing
     o Automatic credit card payments (available mid 2005)
• Tipping:
     o Server-Tip Calculations
     o Auto-Tip calculations based on (customer count threshold percentage)
     o Option for dual tip rates (regular rate, additional rate)
     o Credit card tip entry
     o Tips payable from register
• History Archiving: saves order history for as long as you want (yearly purge option)



• Food Items print in Kitchen (up to 6 locations)
• Bar items print in Bar
• Guest Check
• Customer Receipt (Optional by customer)
• Beer, Wine, Liquor Order to BAR
• Daily Orders – Added Item
• Daily Orders – Deleted Items
• Daily Orders – Order Info Changes
• Daily Orders – Qty Order Changes
• Daily Orders – Voided Today
• Daily Sales
• Daily Flash Report (sales, payments)
• Sales Report by Sales Type
• Sales Report by Employee
• Tip Reports (Declared Tips, Charge Tips, Employee Sales)
• Visitor Anniversary List and Labels
• Visitor Birthday List and Labels
• Visitor History List
• Visitor Master List


Restaurant Reports

     Included with Master Chef Back Office. Windows-based restaurant sales analysis software provides professionally designed reports to assist you in making decisions to improve your profitability. The Sales Analysis module includes a rich variety of printed reports based on Year-to-Date historical data. During “system setup” you have the option to enter in your sales history so you will start off with meaningful reports for the current year. All sales information is posted to the sales analysis module automatically during the “End-of-Day” processing. Sales reports will automatically print during weekly processing and during month end processing.



• On-line Graphical Analysis for key areas of sales
• Variety of sales analysis reports
• Ability to print customer Name and Address labels for Delivery, Catering and Retail customer.
• Ability to purge selected years of sales history.



• Daily Sales Activity – Dollars
• Daily Sales Activity – Order Count
• Daily Sales Detail
• Monthly Sales Register by type
• Sales by Delivery Customer Types
• Sales by Menu Categories
• Sales by Menu Items (Dollars)
• Sales by Menu Items (Units)
• Sales by Menu Types
• Sales by Time of Day
• Sales Tax by City
• Sales Tax by State
• Customer Mailing Labels