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MasterChef Software specifications:
Software Languages

• POS software: written in Visual FoxPro with a Microsoft Access Back-End (Data resides on a Microsoft Access Jet 4.0 database)

Supported Operating Systems

• Windows 2000 Standard or Professional (Recommended)
• Windows XP Home Edition or Professional

Supported Networks

• Windows Peer-to-Peer, TCP/IP, LAN


• Microsoft Access backend database (Data, mdb)


• Screen resolution: 800 x 600 Pixels
• No of Main Application Screens: 8
• No of System Application Screens: Over 300


• Printer Communication: Serial, Parallel, Ethernet
• No of Printer Types per System: User-Defined
• Printing locations per sales item: Up to 6 Prep Printer Locations
• No of shared LAN printers: User-Defined
• Receipt Printing selectable: Yes
• Receipt Re-Print option? Yes
• Print Kitchen Items: Yes
• Print Bar Items: Yes
• Prep Printer Feature De-Selectable? Yes
• Delivery Ticket shows delivery address & note: Yes

Multilingual Capabilities

• During POS Setup, You can specify if a “second language” will used for printing menu items on Prep tickets in the kitchen/bar
• During System Setup, the end-user loads “descriptions” in their Primary and Secondary language for the following data:
     o Menu Categories
     o Menu Items
     o Modifiers
     o Side items
     o Pizza Toppings

Touch Screen POS

• Minimum Stations: 1 (Single-User)
• Maximum Stations: NOMAX (Multi-User Network)
• Optimization:
     o Restaurant Plus Optimized for 1-9 POS stations

User Security: Employee No and Security-Level Assignment
No of Major Profit Centers: 6
Fast Food
Max No of Seating Areas: 4
Max No of Seat Location per Seating Area: 60
Max No of Seating Locations: 240
Max No of Menus: 2 (user-defined, primary/secondary language descriptors)
Max No of Menu Categories: 99 (user-defined, primary/secondary language descriptors)
Max No of Menu Items per Category: 8
Max No of Menu Items per Menu: 8
Max No of Menu Items: 8
Max No of Modifiers per Menu Category: 8
Max No of Side and Toppings per Menu Category: 8
No of Employees: 8
Payment Types: System-defined, cash, check, credit card, debit card, on account, gift cards
Cashier Banking: Yes
Customer Count: Yes
View items on Guest Check: Yes
View Customers on Guest Check: Yes
View Customers at table and their orders: Yes
Meal Counting with values by item: Yes
Course Entry: Yes
Count of items used/sold: Yes
Price change on the fly: Yes (user defined)
Custom Modifiers on the fly: Yes
Custom Add-ons on the fly: Yes
Custom Pizza toppings on the fly: Yes
Bar Custom drinks on the fly: Yes
Bar Tab: Yes
Multiple cash drawer support: Yes
Cash sales: Yes
Credit card sales: Yes
House Account sales: Yes
Open Table/Check Verification: Yes
Automatic release of tables: Yes
Employee assignment: Yes
Automatic System Close Schedule: Yes
Manual System closing: Yes
End-of-Day test for all ticket paid:
Terminal Screen Saver: No
Credit Card Interface: Yes
Split Items: Yes (by Person)
Split Checks: Yes (by person, by group)
Split Checks Evenly: Yes (divide total by guest count)
Undo Splits: Yes
Seat Location Transfers: Yes (i.e. from the Bar to Ding Room)
Multiple Tax Rates: 3
Bar taxable or non-taxable: Yes
Tax Override for menu Items: Yes
Ability for automatic gratuity calculation: Yes
Pizza multiple toppings: Yes (whole, 1st half, 2nd half, thirds , quarters)
Customer Loyalty Tracking: Yes
Gift Certificate Tracking: Yes
Track vender payouts from register: Yes
Void’s require manager approval: Yes
Change a Menu Item Price “On-the-Fly”: Yes
Couponing: Yes
Credit Card Processing Interface? Yes (PC-Charge)
Debit Cards? Yes (PC-Charge)
Gift Cards? Yes
Loyalty Cards? Yes
Menu Items
No of Descriptors: 2
Second Language descriptors: Yes
No of characters for Descriptors: 16 and 32
Register menu item via item number: Yes

Menu Item Functions

Main: Yes
Modifiers: Yes
Multiple Options/Toppings: Yes
Sizes: Yes
Weight Scale Interface: Yes
Cost Roll Up: Nightly
Zero Priced Main Item: Yes
Print Zero Priced Items on Guest Check: Yes
Price, Cost, %Cost, Profit Analysis: Yes
Enlarged Print: Yes (on prep printers)
Manual Print Change: Yes (example: for Daily Specials)
Custom Menu Items on the Fly? Yes
Prince Levels: Yes (7) By Day, By Hour, By user-defined

Sales Tax

Tax Methods:
1=USA/Other: Prices exclude tax, tax added then misc amt added
2=USA/Other: Prices exclude tax, misc amt added then tax added
Tax Changes: Manual
VAT Tax: Yes
BAR Items Taxable Y/N: User-Defined
Tax Override by Menu Item

Promotions (Discounts/Coupons)

Selectable by Revenue Type: Yes (User-Defined)
%, Currency or mixed: Yes
Order Discounts: Yes
Individual Item Discounts: Yes
Customer Trade Discounts: Yes (Use Percent Off)
Employee Discounts: Yes (Use Percent Off)
Sales Tracking: Yes
Manager Control: Yes


Tip Methods:
1=Tip calculated on income before taxes
2=Tip calculated on income with tax included
Cashier tip declaration: Yes
Automatic tip declaration: Yes
Credit Card tip entry: Yes
Allow payment of tips from register: Yes
Tip payout report: Yes
Manager control: Yes

Special Charges

%, Currency or mixed: Currency
Taxable Y/N: User-Defined
Multiple Special Charges per order? Yes
Print on guest check: Yes
No of Special Charges: NOMAX (user-defined)
Manager Control: Yes


Maximum Selectors per Menu Category: 50
Modifier Selector Types: NO, ADD, EXTRA LITTLE, ONLY, CHG, SIDE
Second Language descriptors: Yes
Custom Modifiers on the fly: Yes
Remove modifiers while keeping primary item: Yes

Item Sides ( i. e. add a dinner salad for $2.50)

Maximum Selectors per Menu Category: 50
Second Language descriptors: Yes
Custom Add-ons on the fly: Yes
Add-on Pricing: Yes

Pizza Toppings

Maximum Selectors per Menu: 50
Second Language descriptors: Yes
Whole: Yes
First Half: Yes
Second half: Yes
Third: Yes
Quarters: Yes
Custom Topping on the fly: Yes
Topping Pricing: Yes

Guest Check

No of Guest Checks with print request: 1
No of Customers on a single check: 999
No of items per check: NOMAX
Consolidation of like items: No
Totals by Customer: Yes
Split Checks: Yes
Tax on Guest Check: Yes
Print Servers name: Yes
Print No of Guests: Yes
Print Date/Time of Order: Yes
Print Register No: Yes
Guest Check Message: (user-defined)
Re-print Checks: Yes
Delivery Check Includes Customer Name/Address Info: Yes

Payment Receipt

Payment Receipt with Detail: Yes
Signature and Tip Line: Yes

Credit Card Draft

Show partial credit card number? Yes (last 4 digits)

Credit Card Processing

Ability to enter Gratuity during payment? Yes (by % or amount)
Change seat locations: Yes
Seat location to another server: Yes


Item Splits? Yes
Splitting checks by person no: Yes
Splitting between groups/couples: Yes
Will work with Japanese Steakhouse seating? Yes
Check show split by even amounts: Yes


Delete Item before send: Yes
Void item after send: Yes
Void Tables: Yes
Void entire guest check before close: Yes
Reverse entire guest check after close: Yes
Access to items on a closed check: No
Modify customer count: Yes
Add items to printed check: Yes
Change Revenue Type: Yes
Adjust Quantity Ordered: Yes
Adjust Person Numbers: Yes
Delete Reasons: Yes
Void Reasons: Yes
Manager Control: Yes

Multiple Cash Drawers

Connect up to 3 cash drawers to each PC
Prompts bartended/server for cash drawer assignment


At the Terminal
Server Reading
Cashier Reading
Open Checks
Open Delivery Checks
Time Clock
Ad-Hoc Reports
On-line Reports for Manager
Over 100 system reports available