Restaurant Menu Templates




Welcome to the menu design team. We have been serving the Hospitality Industry since 1989, with a full range of menu support. When you start working on opening a new restaurant, time is too tight to handle different tasks. We can help you to handle most of your menu work! We provide you the best POS System, Security system and Restaurant Menu solution.

From providing materials, design & printing to receiving the products that you want, there are thousands of phone calls and travels you have to experience. 

Here is what we can do to help. We will assist you to do all of these job and free your hands. What you need to do is just to give us your idea, and approve our final design before printing.

We make both dining in and take out menus in a various ways to suits your needs. In addition, we offer different kinds of gift cards, flyers and designing solutions for your business needs.

Take Out Menu

We have excellent design team and production teams to stand in your shoes and support your needs. We also have the solution for black and white menu.


Dining In Menu

We provide genuine or artificial leather covers, including the design and printing of external and internal page, All in one package!


      Special Design for 

  • Fine Dining In restaurant
  • Classical Dining in restaurant
  • Take Out or Fast Food restaurant
  • Buffet and Dining in restaurant
  • Wine Books
  • Royal Cafes
  • Multilingual language support
  • Color or Black & White

Call us for our best offer to you.  718-326-8888 asking for Steve