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What’s MasterChef?

MasterChef is a very powerful and complete restaurant business management solution.

Why do I need MasterChef?

You need MasterChef if,
You want to
Increase your business,
Manage your employees
Manage your inventory
Manage your cash flow
Manage more than one business location
Secure your business against organizational loopholes.

My cash register works fine. Why should I get MasterChef?

Cash register is fine if you only want to have a space to put your money and see how much you earned on one sale. But if you need a smart solution that can actually help you manage all your business requirements, you need MasterChef.

My business is not that big, why would I want to use MasterChef?

The beauty of MasterChef is that it is scaleable to ANY size of business, even if it’s a small neighborhood takeout that only serves breakfast and lunch.

I have a franchise; is MasterChef right for me?

MasterChef works very well with large-scale businesses. It is smart enough to let you manage your business on the go. You can even monitor and manage your business from your office, or your home, or from headquarters or corporate office. MasterChef will let you see each and every single transaction that happens at each individual location and will help you generate reports and records based on them too.

How long has MasterChef been in business?

MasterChef is made by InfoServe technologies Corp, which was founded in 1989. MasterChef is in its eighth generation of development and has years and years of experience behind it, which makes it very practical and intelligent to encompass all kinds of requirements of your business

Is it too expensive?

MasterChef is very competitively priced. We provide state of the art solutions and are comparable to any leading POS provider. We guarantee that we can meet or beat any price with comparable features and services.

How can I be sure of MasterChef’s quality?

MasterChef uses brand name systems, all backed by warrantee; our software is also very robust and is backed by a “best response time in the industry” of four hours after initial customer contact. Plus each and every MasterChef is rigorously tested in-house for 72 hours before it is delivered to you.

But I don’t know computers. Is this going to be a problem?

Not at all, MasterChef is very easy to use and is designed specifically for customer ease and practicality. Our engineers will provide you with training once you become our customer and you will have 24 / 7 support from us. MasterChef comes with a detailed user guide too, which tells you step by step how to work with MasterChef.

But there are plenty of other POS providers out there, what’s special about MasterChef?

We strive to give you the best solution and best service possible. No compromise on the quality or service is ever made. We provide you with free consultation to provide you with smart ways and proven methods to increase you business and make loyal customers. As a customer, we value your business and extend our help in increasing your business too, providing you with customers and business data base, proven CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools and complete customization of MasterChef itself. MasterChef will currently supports languages like Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese. Try MasterChef and become a member of the 1800 and growing business owners who are valued infoserve clients. Once you’re here, you’re family, and we’ll take care of you like family too.