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MasterMerchant features:


     Today, retail businesses are busier than ever before. The turn over in this business in exceptionally high and managing day-to-day retail activities can be an issue.

     MasterMerchant is the complete retail management solution for your business. It is specifically tailored to be used in retail stores, chain stores and general retail related businesses.     It encompasses all the different issues concerning managing a retail business. With value added features and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), its seamless integration with popular accounting software, MasterMerchant will make managing your retail business a walk in the park.User Friendly:
     A general concern for most people is adequate computer knowledge. With MasterMerchant, we have tried to bring today’s technology, as close to being user friendly as possible. With years and years of experience in helping retail businesses, we know exactly what the concerns and issues of this business lie. MasterMerchant is what it claims to be, a true Master Merchant!

Here is a list of salient features of MasterMerchant:

32 - Bit Processing
Easy Navigation
Fast Lookups by Barcode, Name
Built in Help System
Bar Code Ready
Fast Processing
Salesperson Tracking
Scale Interface
Works with Portable POS
Equipment Rentals
Microsoft Access Compatible
Time Clock
Detailed Customer History
QuickBooks Compatible
Invoices on Hold
Credit Card Processing with IC Verify
Built in Backup
Handles Multiple Clerks
Handles Multiple Cash Drawers
Family Memberships
Coupon Plans
Gift Certificates
Handles Customer Account
Friendly Printer setup
Freebies and Specials
Customer Quick Search
Flexible Pricing
Prints Mailing Labels
Flexible Taxing
Password Protection
Detailed Inventory Reports
Management Reports
Promotions for Preferred Customers
Financial Summaries