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MasterChef additional information:
Log in Log out Feature:

“MasterChef” uses touch screen technology to allow login and logout for every employee who wants to use the system. It records:

• The information of each employee who logs in and logs out.
• The times of log in and log out.
• The type of employee (waiter, manager or owner).
• All activities performed while logged in.

       Employees can log in using touch screen or they can use swipe cards for quicker and more secure log in.

The log in log out feature is very useful to keep track of employee activities and can be used effectively to manage the payroll using employee reports from MasterChef. Additionally, MasterChef stores all this information inside itself too. So you can have a look at the past reports if needed. No information is inaccurate or lost. Ever!

Restaurant Area Selection Feature:

Different areas in the restaurant can be selected at any time, for example, if your restaurant has two serving floors, and a separate section for grill or bar, you can select which area to serve just by touching the screen once.

Each selected area is customizable on its own, if you have an arrangement of tables, MasterChef can store and represent the tables on the screen as they actually appear. This means there is never any mistake in placing the order for any table in any area of the restaurant

You can also tell MasterChef about any special changes you make in the floor plan, if you add or remove any table from the floor, you can do the same on the MasterChef screen. MasterChef will always know how to accommodate your needs.

Reservation System Feature:

MasterChef can reserve tables for any occasion. Any number of tables can be reserved. Also, any number of people can reserve too. For example,

If customer A want to reserve table 10 (a table for 2 people) at 7:30pm for this Tuesday, and
Customer B wants to reserve table 19 (a table for 17 people) at 12:00 pm for his son’s birthday on November 22nd, 2005.

MasterChef can handle all these, and many such reservations.

Taste Preferences Feature

MasterChef can add taste modifiers to any order in a very few very easy steps. For example, If a customer likes his food to be rare with little spice and a certain kind of sauce, MasterChef can not only send notification with that order to the kitchen and the waiter, but also will keep record of the customer’s preference and what they ordered. So the next time, the same customer comes in, you can immediately know about his preference and choice. This feature is very useful for VIP guests and making sure that customers keep coming back for that special treatment from your MasterChef.

Managed Printing Feature:

MasterChef takes care of every individual area of your restaurant. The orders taken are sent for printing to the appropriate section. For example, an order for sushi will not go to the bar. MasterChef can be told to manage all the different areas.

Remote Ordering Feature (Hand Held PCs)

MasterChef supports Hand Held Pocket PCs for remote order taking, No more wasting time and resources running back and forth from the outside seating area. Order taken from the hand held will directly go to MasterChef. Specially useful for restaurants with seasonal offers in spring and summer.

Timed Delivery Feature:

If your customers calls at 10:00 am and asks you to deliver his usual order by 7:30 pm at his home, MasterChef will remember and generate an order automatically 15 or 30 minutes before 7:30 and send it directly to the kitchen.

And of course, MasterChef will always remember what the customer means by “My usual” & “My home”

Gift Cards:

MasterChef invites customers and their friends to come and enjoy your restaurants food through Gift Certificates. Elegantly designed Gift Certificates with your restaurants logo, address and theme are one of the best-proven ways to increase customers. A gift card purchased at one location will be usable at any other location of your restaurant. Gift

Split / Join checks feature:

With MasterChef, you can join split checks. This is very important, for example if a customer comes in with his office colleagues for dinner, but also wants to take something home for his family, He can order from the same table at the same time and MasterChef can split the check. No need to do long calculations involving cents and pennies. MasterChef will do it for you.

VIP Cards:

VIP cards are designed for special frequent diners that are important people. These people could be important for the business or family. These VIP cards can be swiped to give them the special VIP treatment. The VIP card is for three types of VIPS, class A, class B and class C, each given a different privilege and different discounts.

Limiting Access Feature:

MasterChef has different privileges for different users. A manager can do many things that a waiter or a runner cannot do, for example, setting up pricing and menu items etc. And a business owner can do things even a manager cannot do, for example, change the manager’s pay scale. All these are customizable to fit your business needs.

Back office feature:

MasterChef makes it possible to keep your data safe at any given instant. We recommend using our back office system to record all transactions on a time-to-time basis. If at any time, there is a power failure or system crashes, your data will be absolutely safe. We also provide periodic remote backup service.

Reports Feature:

MasterChef has a powerful built in reports feature that generates business reports to help manage your business more efficiently and effectively. These reports can be saved on the system, printed out and filed, or simple displayed on the screen for a review.

Cash Drawers:

MasterChef supports Automatic NEC cash drawers which are made in Japan and are of superb quality.

Pole Display:

Pole Display option is also available to use with MasterChef.

MasterChef – at the tip of your finger..

MasterChef uses large flat panel touch screen, you can alternatively use the bar code scanner, or if you are more comfortable with keyboard and mouse, MasterChef works with these devices too.