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MasterChef capabilities:

Fully scaleable:              

MasterChef can be used in:

  • Restaurants
  • Fine Dining-ins
  • Fast Foods
  • Take-outs
  • Buffets
  • Wine Stores

     MasterChef manages all these individual kinds of businesses, and also a complex set of businesses too, Do you have a restaurant with a bar, a grill, take out and delivery, and fine dining? All these in one location? Or your different businesses scattered nationwide? No problem! MasterChef is here to help.

Fully Customizable:            

MasterChef is multilingual. Currently, the languages that are supported are:

  • English (standard)
  • Chinese
  • Spanish

     We understand the need of fully customized POS solution for different languages because we believe that language does not have to be a barrier in success and progress. But the customization doesn’t stop here, it goes a step beyond.

Easy to use:           

     Make technology work for you, not work for the technology. MasterChef makes sure that success in business doesn’t mean having to be technology oriented. You can make progress with next to no computer knowledge, still not convinced? Our technical staff is specially trained to provide you step-by-step training and support. Now there is no excuse and absolutely no reason why this top of the line technology, MasterChef, cannot work for you.

MasterChef uses ELO touch screens, large displays for easy reading and access, Highly optimized graphical presentation, along with the added customization to see your menu, as you define it, in your language, as you call it!