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Company Profile

          Total Solution Providers: I.T.C. (Infoserve Technologies Corporation) Providing you with efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions to meet all your IT needs is our goal. We provide experienced and professional consultants on the cutting edge of today's IT field. I.T.C. gives you solutions that enable you to capitalize on e-commerce and optimize your Web site. I.T.C. also designs and fine tunes high-performance databases.


Wy chooseInfoserve for your security needs?

  Infoserve is an experienced supplier and manufacturer of digital surveillance solutions since 1991.
  We provide user friendly digital surveillance systems with world's leading technology.
  Our complete product line enables you to monitor, record, playback multiple sites up to 16 cameras per system from 16 frames per second to 480 frames per second.
  With our 5 U.S. branches, we serve clients across North & South Americas.
  If you are looking for competent equipment. & solutions provider, we can provide you with the product and pricing that is beneficial for you and our client
  The robust digital surveillance features and frequent software updates are the keys to our success.
  Our professional technical US teams provide telephone support as well as quick email responses daily.
  "Free Training Seminas" will be provided for qualified clients. We provide a one year warranty on all security systems.


Our Mission:

           I.T.C's mission is to empower organizations by working with them to meet their IT needs efficiently and cost-effectively. To this end, I.T.C will work harmoniously with clients to diligently match their technical requirements with the right staff and services.

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