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Master Chef POS

Best way to manage your restaurant business. Fully scalable to any size or type of restaurant business, MasterChef, our POS solution is here to help you make your restaurant a success. If you are an ambitious owner who has started with a small take out, or a proud owner of highly lucrative franchise or chains of restaurants, MasterChef can facilitate building your successful dream business, or to managing extensive and rigorous business plans and management of your existing business.

Master Merchant

Today, retail businesses are busier than ever before. The turn over in this business in exceptionally high and managing day-to-day retail activities can be an issue.

MasterMerchant is the complete retail management solution for your business. It is specifically tailored to be used in retail stores, chain stores and general retail related businesses. It encompasses all the different issues concerning managing a retail business. With value added features and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), its seamless integration with popular accounting software, MasterMerchant will make managing your retail business a walk in the park.User Friendly:
A general concern for most people is adequate computer knowledge. With MasterMerchant, we have tried to bring today’s technology, as close to being user friendly as possible. With years and years of experience in helping retail businesses, we know exactly what the concerns and issues of this business lie. MasterMerchant is what it claims to be, a true Master Merchant!


Master Beauty

It’s time for you to take control of your salon business. Running a salon isn’t easy, but Master Beauty allows you to run your business faster than you ever thought possible. Our complete software and hardware solutiong provides all-in-one touch control to manage all of your task in one centralized location.

We know how important your relationship with your customers is. That is why, in Master Beauty, you can find tons of features that will help you with your customer management. Things like Managing Appointments and Scheduling, with our graphical appointment book are made real easy.

Master Laundry

Master Laundry has been specifically created to help managers maintain a firm control over cash inflows and outflows, inventory as well as attendance, all while gaining the oversight and accountability to understand discrepancies that may arise from daily operations.

A unique feature of Master Laundry is that it enables for you to receive the customers drop off order while selling a variety of consumer goods. It also provides a easy way for you to apply charges on items by scanning the UPC or SKU code with an omni directional barcode scanner or simply by selecting the corresponding button for the item on the computer screen.

Web Design

Golden Web Design Package:
Custom theme layout. Up to 8 sections with limited Javascripts and graphics. Your logo and iages improved and optimized for the Web Standard PERL software.
counter, guestbook, feedback form, mailing list, etc.

Silver Web Design Package:
Custom theme layout. Up to 6 sections with limited Javascripts and graphics, Your logo and images improved and optimized for the Web Standard PERL software
counter, guestbook, feedback form, mailing list, etc.

Bronze Web Design Package:
Custom theme layout. Up to 4 sections includes home, info page and email reply form (up tp 20 fields) Your logo and your images improved and optimized for the Web.

Mobile Apps

Ideal for Full Service Restaurant、Buffet、Beverage/Dessert
 As the fastest mobile POS, MasterChef PAD giving you the flexibility to choose what works best for you. The portable POS makes showing up-to-date menu listings and food photos a snap.

Gift Card

Credit Card Payment Solutions

DVR Surveillance

Restaurant Menu Templates

Welcome to the menu design team. We have been serving the Hospitality Industry since 1989, with a full range of menu support. When you start working on opening a new restaurant, time is too tight to handle different tasks. We can help you to handle most of your menu work! We provide you the best POS System, Security system and Restaurant Menu solution.

From providing materials, design & printing to receiving the products that you want, there are thousands of phone calls and travels you have to experience.

Here is what we can do to help. We will assist you to do all of these job and free your hands. What you need to do is just to give us your idea, and approve our final design before printing.

We make both dining in and take out menus in a various ways to suits your needs. In addition, we offer different kinds of gift cards, flyers and designing solutions for your business needs.

TV Menu

Master Chef

The best next generation POS System

Master Merchant

Ideal for Full Service Restaurant、Buffet、Beverage/Dessert

Master Beauty

Better tech for your back of house

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