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Product Showcase

Cost decrement by 20% - 25% & profit increment by 15% - 30% by the fully integrated product line from ITC.

The operational requirements of a restaurant need to be revisited many times while the restaurant experiences growth. Whether a restaurant maintains one or a number of sites, it has to look for an affordable, user-friendly package of POS solutions that accelerates the growth of the restaurant and addresses issues like

• How to make the restaurant business more efficient and reliable – minimizing the risk for failures?
• How to ensure and maintain quality standards?
• How to make more profits? And increase business?
• How to win customers and make them permanent, loyal customers?
• How to manage cash flow?
• How to manage inventory?
• How to manage employees?
• How to be certain about the business security?
• How to keep your expense at the minimum and your profits at the maximum

In any stage of restaurant operations, Point of Sale (POS) technology has become an imperative for today’s restaurant business. “Must Have’s” include a Monitoring Security System, a Business Management Program, or other means to provide ease of transaction, operation security, secure access and organization of critical information, ample storage, saving time and minimizing mistakes in manual processing, cost control, and better monitoring of cash flow and built in alerts to the system, resulting in substantial savings in money, time and aggravation. Restaurant owners search for a reliable one stop shopping provider of these services.

A notable company on the scene is ITC. Established in 1989, and based in the New York metro area, ITC. has an impressive 16-year history as a “one-stop” solution provider for restaurants and retail businesses. This team of experts recognized the value of POS technology early on and created a comprehensive portfolio of benefits that address many levels of cost control and savings for the business owner. One of their market niches is the restaurant business, and has, over the years, marketed their unique package of integrated products and services to over 1,800 small and large restaurant franchises throughout the country.

We took the time out to see Mr. Steve Hsiang, the company’s president to ask him a few questions about his company.

Q: Tell us a little about ITC and what kinds of solutions are included in this “one stop”?
A: Hi, thanks for coming in. ITC’s professional and fully integrated product line includes:
Restaurant Management System (MasterChef).
Retail and Supermarket management System (MasterMerhcant).
Eagle’s Eye security system.
Chain Store Management system.
Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).
Enterprise decision making system.
VIP member control system.
Credit card / Gift card management system.
Accounting control system.
Wireless Palm control system.
Website Design and Hosting, Menu and Logo Design and currently we are launching our new project for online restaurant ordering.

Q: Lets talk about MasterChef, your restaurant management system. What are some of the most important features?

A: MasterChef is our leading solution for restaurants, almost 80% of the company’s clients are MasterChef clients, other 20% for Eagle’e Eye and MasterMerchant.

MasterChef is in its eighth generation since 1989. we build and rebuild until all the glitches are gone and we are certain that all the client requirements are met including

Increasing your business.
Managing your employees.
Managing your inventory.
Managing your cash flow.
Managing more than one business location.
Securing your business against organizational loopholes.
From 16 years of consulting experience to all kinds of restaurants, we know which areas to focus on.

Q: Ok, so in your opinion, what are the advantages of using ITC as a solution provider?
A: In not so many words, I would say that:
We are the realistic innovators, we always insist on developing new business solutions by top and cutting edge technologies. We are a total solution provider and we fully utilize our 16 years of experience to develop mutually profitable partnership with all our clients. With more than 57 top world class products and technologies certifications, ITC has not only offered more than 1800 restaurants, hotel, retailers and supermarkets all over the U.S and Canada, but also has created unique bilingual operation system in 6 languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese & Thai).

Q: Why else do you think clients would prefer you to other providers?
A: The pride of the company lies in superior teamwork in pursuing customer satisfaction. Living up to our reputation as the only “one-stop IT- Solutions” company that pledges complete client satisfaction, and has enough heart to keep that promise. Also, we have strong business alliances with Microsoft as their business solution providers, IBM, Java, Sun Micros, Unix, C.A and many more long-term world class business partners.

Q: How does your team provide a high level of customer satisfaction?
A: We see every client as an opportunity to make business partners with. And we work with them to gain their confidence and trust in their newly found partner ITC. Everything is done through superior teamwork. Nothing here at ITC is at an individual level, except maybe caring for our clients.

Q: Tell us how your solution is more oriented towards customer satisfaction?
A: We custom design the solution to meet the specific needs of our clients and we do individual care, providing means and solutions according to each client’s situation and setup. Please don’t confuse this with the few hours training that every vendor provides after installation. That’s nothing special. We provide them free consultation with proven tips and tricks to improve their management and increase their business. We believe that we grow with our customer.

Q: What about the quality of the solution?
A: We back our solutions and equipment by warrantees but in case our customers need special attention and call us for support, we are available 24/7, we provide under 4 hours of same day response time. And since we have such a broad range of solutions, we give existing customers special treatment and price if they wish to add on another solution from us.

Q: What areas do you cover for service?
A: With a maintenance contract with ITC, you are only a phone call or DSL dial-up away, more serious problems can be solved by our nationwide service network of 600 engineers. Our response time is among the best in the industry and on an average, we solve 98% of the problems within 2 hours.

Q: Do you have any new plans for ITC in the near future?
A: Yes, We are a forward moving company and right now I am planning to expand and open up another branch in California. ITC’s tradition has always been towards newer and better solutions and technologies, that’s why I am launching a new project for online ordering. This is the new wave in restaurant business and our team is trying to bring together the best solution possible for all those who are ready for the upcoming newer trends.

Q: Thanks very much for your time Steve, any suggestion for the Asian Restaurant News readers?
A: I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and extend my support and friendship to your magazine and your readers. ITC is very progressive and is always involved in constructive activities. We are the only IT sponsors in the Asian Food Exhibition and also hold many seminars and exhibitions with leading personalities of the restaurant industry on a regular basis. I would like to offer free business consultation services to all your readers. Please let ITC know how it can help you in your business. Our experience, progressive outlook and our qualified engineers and consultants are here to help you whenever you need us.

ITC offers free online demos as well as a free consultation for all readers of Asian Restaurant News.

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