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Using Suggestive Selling to Build Sales

"No one wants to be sold, yet we all want to buy. Selling has negative connotations of pushy salespeople. Now suggestive selling. That's different. Someone who suggests something is doing us a favor." Entrepreneur Zeke Camusio shares 6 tips for building revenue at your restaurant.

1. Suggest. Don't Sell. Adapt your suggestions to your customers; don't waste their time telling them about things they will not buy or appreciate."When I first started waiting tables I would ask about dessert. Most would look at me with that "we're too full look." I quickly replied, "Our desserts are half the calories and half as filling as other restaurants" My customers perked up, "How's that?" "One slice, two forks," I'd volley back with a devilish grin in my eye. Most of the time they'd order dessert.

2. Enhance The Experience. Encourage customers to try something new. Camusio used to recommend "a shot of Bailey's or Amaretto to pour over the cheesecake." It puts a new twist on a classic that customers are eager to try and doubles the profit.

3. Sell The Benefit. During catering orders, don't be afraid to push for them to buy extra things, like desserts and drinks. By painting a mental picture of "wasting an hour, and lifting heavy drinks to save a few bucks," Camusio was able to successfully sell additional items to his customer by pointing out how it would benefit them.

4. Give Them A Reason Why. Explain how this sale will prove to be beneficial to them. "Sometimes you may offer a discount if the guest takes an upsell or if they buy two upsells. "My manager ordered too many of our fudge-nut iced brownies. If you order the drink pack for only $1.49 a guest, I can throw inthe fudge-nut iced brownies.That's a $1.25 a guest savings."

5. Sell Specifics. "Would you like dessert?” "Would you like brownies?" "Would you like to add our homemade fudge-nut iced brownies to your catering order? They're a little thicker and richer than regular brownies, but not quite as thick and rich as a piece of fudge. It's the perfect bit of sweet after a barbecue lunch." Now which phrase would get you to buy? Enough said.

6. Ask For The Order. "If you don't ask, it won't sell." Asking what customers prefer or giving them options to choose from gives customers the choice between items—all which will be added to the order.

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