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Master Chef Restaurant Computer



Before Pos System
(Traditional Way)

After Pos System installation
(Efficient Way)


1. Never ask password to user
2. Anyone can steal money
3. Lot of human error while doing paper work
4. Never create a balance
5. No options for changing
6. Can't control misleading
7. Same time doesn't allow to take more than one order and no selection performed
8. Always doing paper work and hard to analysis

1. Authorize user asking password
2. Impossible to steal money
3. Detail report and modifying human error
4. Always create a balance
5. Without authorize person can't changes anything and delete memory
6. Anything misleading and default action never granted
7. Same time making more order and keep in record for late payment
8. Pre fix solution provider nothing to do with paper work easy and saving time to analysis

MGT Report

1. No record for cost control
2. No option for analysis of the quality control and no option for analysis
3. Can't performed money measurement and
4. No option for analysis customer value
5. There is no way to selection regarding any choice
6. Can't reformed multiple data base operation of the management
7. Can't perform making report of profit and loss account analysis

1. Always keep in record in cost control
2. Best option for quality control assurementm for and no option for analysis analysis of the total management operation
3. Performed money measurement and rebuild the system and inventory control
4. Always keep in updated customer value
5. Selection for best choice from the pre fix manes
6. Full access of data and multiple option for data base operation and develop to the management

Customer Information Report

1. No option for helping suggestion
2. Never checking customers back-ground history
3.There is no result for data access operation for business communication
4. Never performed analysis to reformed the daily activities

1. Easy problem solution provider and helping suggestion
2. Checking back-ground history and getting best result
3. Full access data operation business for communication diversity and best selection for choice
4. Best analyzer and reformed the daily activities

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