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How to apply Online Strategy to Increase Profit

How to increase your business by 30% using online promoting strategies? Here are some useful tips for you.

1. Discount and rewards
The customers now have many tools help them compare the price, and to encourage them spend money you have to offer special discount.

2. Cellphone marketing
Smart phone users could get a coupon through email, text message, or take picture of a coupon on magazine.

3. Three screen marketing
Three screens are TV, Tablet, and smart phone. You could advertise on TV, and online, using video and social media to promote. Developing a smart phone app can deliver the most updated promotions and keep contact with loyal customers.

4. Advertise online but local
If you have a laundry in LA, you will only need to advertise on LA newspaper not New York new papers. However, you can advertise on an online New York magazine.

5. Smart Location marketing.
Shop kick and Foursquare offer a service that customer can locate restaurants and stores near them.

6. Social media reviews.
Use yelp, Trackur, and Google Alerts to share customer’s satisfied reviews. Customers may go to a highly rated store, recommend your customers to post positive reviews.

7. Customer relationship management.
Collect data and what customers want. If customers are talking and discuss something you could offer it.

8. Variety ways to pay
To give more convenience to your customers, you could offer multiple payment options.  Like, PayPal, Google Wallet.

Learn from these tips and find the best ways for your situation, your business should be better using these online strategies.


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