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How to eliminate extra labor cost and increase sales.
ITC’s Self Order POS & eKitchens

          Among the single most important thing for any business, especially restaurants, is their customer. Smart business owners are always looking for innovative ways to reach new levels of customer satisfaction. They incorporate ideas like membership programs, frequent buying incentives and cutting on their own profit margin to gain competitive edge over their business rivals. All these strategies are conventional, tried and tested, and have limited innovation. ITC has been working with all kinds if restaurants since 1989, looking for innovative ideas, providing them with new opportunities and emerging trends.

          One of the emerging trends in the service industry right now is self-help POS terminals and e-commerce. True innovators not only come up with new ideas, they try their best to provide everyone with an opportunity to use them. This is the vision ITC has towards its customers. Who think of them as business partners, and believe mutual growth is the best way to grow.

Subway using self order


The self-help POS have already been in place and are a big success. Big names like Home Depot, Subway, Path Mark etc have already gone self-help. But with ITC, you don’t need to be a million dollar establishment. Their self-help is very reasonable priced, giving the opportunity to a small business owner to think big, and be successful.

1. Directly cutting down 15% – 20%on the labor cost of the restaurant,
2. Displays food pictures along with ingredients, this will give customers nutritional information about each item on their order
3. Complete customer satisfaction because they place the orders themselves and customize their orders too, like adding extra sauce, seasoning, or any variations the restaurant menu has to offer”
4. Increase in profits from 15% – 50% annually.

ITC’s vision of genuine innovation and providing a cost effective opportunity to its partners materializes in another product called eKitchens. “There are different vendors already doing similar service, but the idea is to provide a chance for the restaurant owners to help them grow, not an expensive automation idea that they think is good, but only wish they could afford.” Says ITC’s CEO Steve. This solution has a clear advantage:

1. Profit Increase 20 % – 65% annually.
2. Improve restaurant image with a web presence
3. Professional website and web based ordering system from a reputed industry vendor with 17 years experience
4. Unlimited income potential with 24 / 7 online storefront.
5. Minimum running cost.
6. Hassle free site maintenance.

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